Michael Schenker Live at the Arcada [REVIEW]

Review by Tom Antonson – Photos © 2022 by: Roman Sobus

Michael Schenker Group
Arcada Theater – St. Charles, IL

October 8, 2022

I had a feeling it was going to be a special evening the moment I rolled into town and stopped in at the restaurant across the street for a bite before the show. The hum from the patrons was mostly about that night’s performance and previous ones they had attended. Small wonder since Michael Schenker is considered to be one of the greatest rock guitarists!

He began playing at an early age and joined his older brother Ruolf on stage with The Scorpions at age 11. He was offered and accepted the position of lead guitarist with the British band UFO which he kept until 1978 and then formed the Michael Schenker Group in 1979.

Over 900 fans packed the Arcada Theater and even before Schenker took the stage, most seats already filled and a standing room crowd along the walls.

Schenker dove into the night’s 17 song setlist of primarily UFO songs beginning with Into the Arena. The first half of the performance consisted of mostly MSG songs, the second half of UFO compositions. His guitar playing was complimented by vocal provided by Ronnie Romero, Bodo Schopf on drums, Barend Courbois on bass and second guitar and keys by Steve Mann. Watching Michael perform on stage is a joy to behold. He shows no signs of slowing down and the smile on his face is a clear indication of his passion for his music.

Images of Eden opened the evening and Eric Martin of Mr. Big provided support warming up the capacity crowd. Most dates on this tour are sold out but hopefully he will return soon. Try to see him if you get a chance!


1- Into the Arena

2- Cry for the Nations

3- Doctor, Doctor (UFO cover)

4- We Are the Voice (Michael Schenker Fest cover)

5- Looking for Love

6- Red Sky

7- Sail the Darkness

8- Emergency

9- Lights Out (UFO cover)

10- Armed and Ready

11- A King Has Gone

12- Rock Bottom (UFO cover)

13- Shoot, Shoot (UFO cover

14- Let It Roll (UFO cover)

15- Natural Thing (UFO cover)

16- Too Hot to Handle (UFO cover)

17- Only You Can Rock Me

Photos © 2022 by: Roman Sobus

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