Torrisi grew up studying classical violin and performing in musicals. Her mother is an ex-nun and pianist, while her father is an ex-priest and jazz drummer. Her brother is a clarinetist and neuroscientist. Torrisi studied jazz/world music history and earned a BA from San Francisco State University.

She has released and toured using her first name only, and as Cryptacize with Chris Cohen. As a solo act, she has toured with Deerhoof, Destroyer, Fred Thomas, Jens Lekman, Magnolia Electric Co., and Xiu Xiu.

Her first solo album, From the Lion’s Mouth was released by Kill Rock Stars on February 22, 2005. She released an album on Kill Rock Stars, Summerland, with Thom Moore as Nedelle & Thom in 2004. She has released two 7″ singles, Good Grief, and a 2005 tour split with Fred Thomas. She also participated in Sanitary Records’ 2006 cassingles project, releasing a split cassette single with The Curtains which featured her song Your Fiance.

The album The Locksmith Cometh was released in 2007 via the Tangrams7 label. This album includes the song Your Fiance from her split cassingle and the song Poor Little City Boy, which had been previously included in the Kill Rock Stars compilation The Sound the Hare Heard. Xiu Xiu has covered a song released on a covers EP from this album using the title, Blueberry Mineshaft, although the track bears the title Ex-Priest on Nedelle’s album.

Currently she is playing under the moniker Paradise. Her debut is recorded but without a label to distribute it there is no release date as of now (although she has released 3 songs through various websites).

In 2012 she released a 7″ record under the name Paradise, with two new songs on it, “I Love Thousands Every Summer,” and “Psychic Returns.” Thin Wrist was the label for this release.

Other projects
She performed background vocals on albums by The Curtains, and John Vanderslice, played violin on an album by Xiu Xiu, and provided lead vocals for a song by Saturday Looks Good To Me. Most recently she performed background vocals on an album by Ariel Pink’s Haunted Graffiti, entitled Before Today. She was a touring member of The Curtains in 2006. She is, as of 2007, a member of the band Cryptacize, who as of April 2009 have released two full length albums entitled Dig That Treasure and Mythomania. She has also performed with Sufjan Stevens, and Cryptacize has been the opening band for some of his concerts in the fall of 2009.

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