REVIEW: North Coast Music Fest 2013 Day 2

vega_2011bNorth Coast Music Festival – Day 2

August 31st, 2013

By: SouthSide Tanya Vega

After the heavy rains from last night and early in the morning subsided, that North Coast Music Festival newbie feeling had finally worn off and SouthSide was ready to get down to serious business of being a party animal! This afternoon, she spent most of her time hanging out at The Last Stand stage where other delightful costumed characters and attendees were in a constant state of perpetual motion aka dancing and having a good time while vibin’ to the music. For this reviewer, this was a prime spot to do some people watching too because there were many fashionably dressed attendees around her.

Making her way (very carefully, SouthSide must add) towards the stage, she had arrived in time to catch the rest of Milk N Cookies’ ( opening act. These twin duo DJs absolutely rocked the stage! They had this EDM scene bursting to life through such of a lively mix of bumpin’ electronic beats and techno rhythms for the entire hour …keeping happy people like a “Papa Smurf” (it was hoisted on a stick), a “Darth Vader” helmet wearing stick, and a fluffy pink fairy bear as well as pseudo tie-dye wearing kids everywhere dancing, hopping, et al continuously. Hey, someone brought their glittery disco ball to the party!

All around SouthSide was nothing but a flowing sea of shiny happy people partying it out in the drying mud …sometimes prancing in crazed fashion or dancing in circles like hippies but that’s how you should react, when attending an EDM party like the one Milk N Cookies had at North Coast. This performance featured wild remixes of Fatboy Slim’s Praise You as it gradually merged into another which definitely had this growing crowd leaping and/or waving their hands in jubilation. Also the duo DJs rocked the stage with other tracks titled Ghost and Animals Remix to which they donned tiger masks as they closed out their set.

“…So ya …thought ya …might like to …go to the show …to feel the warm confusion, that space cadet glow…”

Are you SRTB (So Ready To Bang)?

SouthSide was! And so were the many hundreds now within the stage area.

After being thoroughly warmed up by Milk N Cookies, chants of “Porn N Chicken” erupted as the EDM party group set up and prepared for their hour-long performance But before the show could go on, this crowd had to have the correct look – a few red bandannas with yellow Porn N Chicken lettering were tossed around. The crowd erupted with boisterous cheers and chants as soon as they saw the Chicken and Dom “PornandChicken” Brown appearing on stage. Yep, they were SO ready to bang …and perhaps more with Porn N Chicken Dance Party. Opening with a rousing remix of Pink Floyd’s In The Flesh to get the EDM party goers revved up for the fun. And like Las Vegas …what happens at a Porn N Chicken party, stays at Porn N Chicken.

Though it was a day performance (and SouthSide knows they couldn’t feed everyone with complimentary chicken wings), Porn N Chicken Dance Party did not skimp on the action. There was grinding electric sparks, crazed dancing on stage and on the DJ booth, sexy ladies prancing around and of course, random images of porn in between the dazzling graphics. The porn images totally made the experience more enjoyable for this crowd as they got insanely wild. Yes, let’s get weird! All around this reviewer was pure madness or weirdness while many danced to the remixed and mashup EDM tracks of bumpin’ electronic beats and rhythms that were tearing up the stage.

SouthSide apologizes now if she doesn’t rightly describe or paint a clear picture about ALL of the insane crazy things that happened during this dance party.

Let’s see – besides The Last Stand stage packed with gyrating dancers, the music Porn N Chicken provided kept inciting near riot antics and craziness especially where SouthSide (towards the sound booth). Chicken dancing all over the stage. Dom righteously blessing the crowd of people close to the stage with spurts of champagne. Even with bouts of dark clouds hanging overhead, people were having too much fun to care if it would rain or not. Oh wow – Dom’s now crowd surfing towards the middle of the action where he decided to party with them before returning to grind hot electric sparks on stage with a female dancer who’s also grinding. And they carefully shoot the sparks at those closest to the stage! Basically, you had to be there to have witness this and more.

Then again, you might believe what you’re seeing either. However, it was exciting to see how massive the crowd grew by the minute throughout Porn N Chicken’s performance. A constant flow of costumed party people rockin’ their bodies to the infectious music while bedazzled by the graphics and porn. More champagne …and a guy wearing shorts made out of grey duck tape? Yep, SouthSide saw that. Dom yelling at the crowd “…take your shirts off…”? Yep, so true. And several lucky ladies got their 15 seconds of fame by joining the Dom and the PNC crew taking their shirts off and dancing wildly on stage. Now, it’s the Chicken’s turn to crowd surf before Porn N Chicken ended their performance with a new mashup that sent this crowd into a frantic frenzy! In the end – this crowd was left wanting more of Porn N Chicken.

If you have never attended a Porn N Chicken Dance Party (usually held at EvilOlive – sorry, kids, you have to be 21 and older to attend), SouthSide highly suggests following this group on Twitter ( or check out their web site ( or “like” them on Facebook for when and where the party will be happening next. And be SRTB (So Ready To Bang), all night long! Oh get there early, for the free chicken (wings) too.

Sadly, SouthSide had to leave the party early due to another show she had to cover however she would return for Day 3 of festive fun at North Coast.

Until next time, support your local scene,

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