Pink Avalanche “Your Collapse from the “Wraiths” LP

Story, clay animation and stop motion animation by:

Katie Kapuza

Molly McCandless

written by Pink Avalanche. copyright 2013 Luz Y Fuerza

Che A.H. Arthur – guitar, vocal
Kortland Chase – guitar
Pete Croke – bass
Adam Reach – drums

Pink AvalancheBiography
Pink Avalanche reunites guitarist/vocalist Che Arthur (ex-Atombombpocketknife) and drummer Adam Reach (The Poison Arrows), who had previously played together in the Chicago/Alabama trio Universal Life and Accident and on Arthur’s solo albums.

“Adam and I hadn’t played together in years, but around the end of 2010 or early 2011 I’d recently come up with a bunch of parts of songs. That came up in a phone conversation Adam and I had one day, and so we decided to get together and throw some of those ideas around. Pretty soon we had a few things written.”

Those writing sessions were happening in a recording studio, so Arthur and Reach at times tracked basic versions of songs as soon they wrote them. An album quickly began to take shape, and Arthur and Reach began to realize it was time to fill out what had been a “project” into a full band. Enter guitarist Kortland Chase (ex-Chatty Cathy) and bassist Pete Croke (Tight Phantomz, Brokeback)

“Kortland and I had been friends for years, and ran into each other at a restaurant shortly after his band Chatty Cathy ended. He told me he wanted to get into a new project, and I gave him the Pink Avalanche recordings to check out and see if he wanted to come over and play some time. When he came over he’d already learned all of the songs! I couldn’t believe it. Our playing styles meshed instantly and he was in.

“Adam and I had both played with Pete before in different projects and were both good friends with him, so we knew he was the bass player we wanted to ask. We set a date and got the four of us together in a room, and when we started playing it came together effortlessly.”

Pink Avalanche’s Wraiths album was released digitally on May 28, 2013 on Past/Futures Records.