I’m from Southside Jamaica Queens, NY. I have been writing poetry since age 7 & rapping since I was 11, but chose to pursue a rapping career in early February 2020. I dont like being put in a box. I’m a me type of artist. I do what my heart & soul feels. I am multifaceted when it comes to music. I’ve had to go through life subduing the best parts of me in fear of not being accepted or liked. I no longer fear being myself nor will I ever subdue my voice. That is what motivates my music. I thrive to be the best version of myself & that Queen loves music! Currently I’m working on my album “The Making Of A Goddess”. I also am one of the hosts & founders of “The Black Show Podcast”. We speak on current events & how they affect the community, ways we can improve the community, relationship & life advice & gossip lol. I am the Founder & CEO of Queen Poetry Designs, my graphic design company. I’m  working on my clothing line & jewelry line as well. I’m a Queen of many crowns.

I’m Queen Poetry.

I can be found on Apple Music, Amazon Music, Spotify, YouTube Music, Google Play Music & Soundcloud!