Rachel Bochner On Her New Music [INTERVIEW]

By: Zoe Blakeman

Rachel Bochner, a New-York based singer/songwriter, released a new single, “Here For the Drama,” on June 21st. Her newest EP will be coming out in August, titled “It’s Not Me, It’s U,” adding another three tracks aside from her already released “If I’m Gonna Be Sad (I Might As Well Look Hot Doing It),” and “Sucker Punch.”

Bochner’s new EP emerges from the depths of heartbreak, offering a fusion of songs that navigate between vulnerability, melancholy, energy, and playfulness. With a skillful blend of emotional lyrics and indie-pop vibes, she effortlessly unites diverse musical realms. Given her young age, she certainly has an ear for what her generation wants and needs in new music. Bochner incorporates her unique musical abilities, infusing her distinctive flair to craft a truly individual voice.

Below is a Q&A with Rachel Bochner on her newest single, her soon-to-be-released EP, and the creative process behind her music!

ZB: What will your EP be called?/How many songs will be on your upcoming EP?

RB: My EP is called ‘It’s Not Me, It’s U.’ It has 6 tracks, including recent singles “Here For The Drama,” “If I’m Gonna Be Sad (I Might As Well Look Hot Doing It), and “Sucker Punch,” as well as another three tracks: “You Don’t Want Me Like That,” “Hard To Please” and “Men Like You.” I have one more single coming out in July before the full EP drops in August!

ZB: Do you plan on going on tour anytime soon?

RB: I really want to! I’m manifesting, casting spells, selling my soul, and speaking that into existence as I type this!

ZB: For “Here for the Drama,” you mention embracing the chaotic aspects of life. Can you share any personal experiences or sources of inspiration that led you to write about this theme?

RB: It’s funny how the meaning of a song can evolve for me along the way of conceptualizing, writing, promoting, and after its release. Originally, it felt more like I was writing from the perspective of someone just observing the drama – like a third-party person just nudging people on to stir the pot for fun. Now when I listen to it, I admittedly do identify with “that one friend” that I keep mentioning more than not, so that character feels more symbolic than literal now.

I still stand by the inspiration of the song, being that I’ll stick by my friends through their questionable decisions and funny stories, but it took me a second to stop acting like I’m not actively participating in the drama too – let’s be real here.

ZB: Your previous singles, such as “Sucker Punch” and “If I’m Gunna Be Sad (I Might As Well Look Hot Doing It),” have been well-received. How does “Here For The Drama” compare to your earlier releases, and what new elements or perspectives does it bring to your discography?

RB: I’ve been having fun leaning a little more into a guitar-driven sound, and “Here For The Drama” was one of the songs that really solidified that for me. It’s so fun to do live, and I’ve started playing guitar this year, so maybe I’m just trying to live out my rockstar fantasy. There’s an energy that I’m always kind of chasing with my music, and I feel like with every song I write, I get better at curating.

ZB: How does “Here For The Drama” fit into the overall concept and themes of your upcoming EP? What can we expect from the EP in terms of musical style and emotional journey?

RB: “Here For The Drama” felt like the theme song for the project, which is why it’ll be the first song on the full tracklist. There’s a slightly sarcastic tone to the whole EP, even just in the title ‘It’s Not Me, It’s U’ – it’s easier to deflect blame and say the problem is everyone else, but it’s obviously never that cut, and dry.

“Here For The Drama” is my playful way of saying, yeah, I am in a slightly messy and slightly chaotic stage of my life, but let’s double down and have some fun with it. The EP is different parts of the emotional journey of recovering from getting your heart broken. It journeys through unrequited love, feeling betrayed, self-love, and of course, some feminine rage.

ZB: As an artist, you blend vulnerability with a playful and witty approach in your music. How do you navigate the balance between expressing your emotions authentically and injecting a sense of humor into your lyrics?

RB: It’s the way I am in real life, so I think it naturally comes through in my songwriting. Sometimes it’s easier for me to feel better about a situation by making light of it, and I’ve honestly learned I’m very much not alone in that habit of connecting with people through my music. I’m not saying it’s necessarily the most healthy coping mechanism, but I think when I’m struggling to talk about something or process it, I find the humor in the situation to ground myself and maybe deflect a little.

Despite it literally being my job to write about how I feel, I’m not always the best at expressing myself outside of songwriting (we can blame it on my Aquarius moon). Writing has definitely become an outlet for me to get those feelings out in a way that doesn’t always come as easily when I’m talking to a friend or my therapist.

ZB: How do you want your listeners to connect with your music on a personal level? What impact do you hope your songs will have on their lives?

RB: I’m a big believer that we take what we need from music. Whether it’s comfort through validation, a laugh, something to cry to, or something to dance to, I hope my listeners find something that makes them feel a little bit better in my music.

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