Ralph Covert Biography

Ralph Covert originally came to public attention with his first band, long-time Chicago favorites The Bad Examples. The group released CDs and toured in America and in Europe in the late ‘80’s and through the ‘90’s, to local and international acclaim. A favorite of critics and fans alike, The Bad Examples combined melodic and clever songwriting with energetic and engaging live shows. The HBO series “Six Feet Under” used the band’s signature song “Not Dead Yet” as background music in a recently aired episode. Though the Examples played their last show as an active band in April 2000, Ralph and the band have reunited regularly, and have been writing and performing new material for an album due out in late 2007.

In February of 2001, Covert released his first children’s music album through Mini Fresh Records under the band name “Ralph’s World.” Billboard magazine called it “the best children’s album of this or any year.” Since then, Ralph’s World has produced a total of six children’s CDs and a video, and tours nationally in support of his family-friendly music selling out venues as large as The Ravinia Festival (the first children’s music artist ever to do so). The Ralph’s World song, “Just Like The Monkeys,” was used by Sears for their fall 2005 “Back-To-School” television advertising campaign. The final Ralph’s World album for the Mini Fresh label, Green Gorilla, Monster & Me, was nominated for a Grammy Award. Now signed to Disney Sound, he will have a CD/DVD set released on October 3, 2006 titled “Welcome To Ralph’s World.” Ralph’s World entire catalogue is now represented by Disney.

In addition to the Ralph’s World franchise, Covert’s creativity has found outlets in many other areas. Ralph has produced albums for several artists, and has written music for other purposes than The Bad Examples, including film work, music for theater and modern dance, songs for other artists to perform and record, and children’s songs. Along with co-writer G. Riley Mills, Covert received the Joseph Jefferson Award for Best New Work twice (in 1998 and 2001) for their plays “Sawdust and Spangles” and “Streeterville” respectively.
Covert also co-wrote the story and composed the music for “The Flower Thieves,” a rock and roll circus fable produced by The Midnight Circus. The production was well received during its opening run, and has been remounted six times since. A studio album of the music for “The Flower Thieves” was produced in 2002, featuring Ralph and members of the Bad Examples.

November 26, 2005, marked the world premiere of Ralph Covert and G. Riley Mill’s first children’s musical, “A Nutcracker Christmas.” Mounted by the Emerald City Theatre company at The Apollo Theatre in Chicago, this costumed extravaganza is the classic tale fast-forwarded into the videogame age with a new score and all-original songs from Ralph Covert. It is to be re-staged for the Christmas 2006 season.

Cara Carriveau Interviews Ralph Covert at Lollapalooza






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