“…you’re so bleepin’ beautiful in so many ways…”
Blood On The Dance Floor to the screaming crowd

Everyday is Halloween for SouthSide, Chicago Music Guide readers. And tonight was no different as she and her young daughter aka Sunday (not her real name) joined an eager crowd in seeing the touring electronica duo, Blood On The Dance Floor (AZ). This all-ages post holiday show at Reggie’s Rock Club (located in the South Loop area) also featured other rockin’ electronica/industrial/metal rock performances by Angelspit (NY) and New Year’s Day (CA) with her friends, The Prep School Tragedy opening. Besides reviewing all performances, Chicago Music Guide readers, SouthSide along with her daughter sat down with Jayy of Blood On The Dance Floor for a brief interview before rockin’ the stage in front of this near sold-out crowd.

Blood On The Dance Floor, Chicago Music Guide readers, is all about “…youth obscenity sex truth rebellion…” according to Jayy during the exclusive interview with SouthSide. Yes, this popular electronica/dubstep/industrial pop/goth rock band are outlaws as well as rebels without a cause but with a not-so hidden agenda – to dominate the dance world with their electronica music. After tonight’s incredibly awesome headlining performance of BOTDF videos (shown on the screen), dazzling special fx of lights and fog …plus more, Dahvie and Jayy had two new converts joining the already hundreds of fans packed inside Reggie’s Rock Club. SouthSide asked Jayy what made Blood On The Dance Floor’s shows so excitable that it keeps bringing fans back for more. He replied saying it had do with more than putting on an awesome show for their fans. Believe it or not, Chicago Music Guide readers, BOTDF stays behind after each performance to meet and greet their fans …sometimes even before the show too. Something according to Jayy “…a lot of bands could take a lesson…” in their example. This reviewer was totally amazed how well these two musicians professionally handled themselves while being constantly mobbed by fans following them wherever they went around the venue …never once turning down requests for pictures and/or autographs. “…[we] give them advice …hope …they are [simply] more than fans but acquaintances in the end…” And the fans certainly do more than love and adore their rock heroes, Chicago Music Guide readers. Some went as far as showing their appreciative devotion like an artistic depiction of Jayy (in which he autographed and snapped a photo with the fan) and creating a homemade t-shirt that had the lyrics to BOTDF’s current hit, Bewitched, written on the back.

In order to gain a deeper understanding of Blood On The Dance Floor, this reviewer then asked Jayy what the inspiration behind the band name. According to him, some think it might have to do with Michael Jackson …partly but not entirely, Chicago Music Guide readers. It’s all about Dahvie’s and Jayy’s take on the dysfunctional dance music scene which draws from many influences like “old school” industrial (i.e. Skinny Puppy, Nine Inch Nails, Ministry) mixed with 80s/90s goth, Lil Wayne (for the hiphop sound) and Britney Spears (for the pop sound). SHOCK …and pleny of AWE for SouthSide when she heard that scoop. Yes, Jayy did actually credited Britney for giving BOTDF their pop influence that sometimes dominates the current album, All The Rage. However, Jayy gave this reviewer an exclusive scoop about BOTDF’s new album to be released in 2012 to which he stated the new stuff is “…very dark…” Plus, SouthSide’s friend, Tom, whose agency, Tag Publicity that represents them was definitely right about one thing – the guys do put on one heck of a show. SouthSide had never experienced an intense …energizing rock performance like she did during Blood On The Dance Floor’s headlining set, blogspot readers.

Performing tracks off current album, All The Rage, the entire main floor of the Rock Club stayed in a constant state of fan frenzy song after song …many crowding the stage to reach out and touch their rock idols as well as singing along with the band. According to Jayy, when asked which song to listen first if unfamiliar with BOTDF, “…Bewitched is a real good icebreaker…” And SouthSide wholeheartedly agrees with that suggestion because that’s where she started when checking out BOTDF’s official youtube page. The song itself is a haunting electronica/goth love ballad while the next suggested song, Star Power featured a fun video game atmosphere amidst a hiphop/dubstep sound. Sunday’s favorites included the energizing arrrgh-ed of Yo Ho! (A Pirate’s Life For Me) and sweet-tasting energy of Candyland that featured clips of The Simpsons episode where Homer romps happily through his imagination of German chocolate. Final Fantasy fans should look into the dreamy live version of BOTDF’s song Nirvana (SouthSide’s not truly sure) which included scenes from the video game on the screen. Other songs rockin’ the stage included the classic BOTDF song Screamin For My Ice CreamPLUR (Peace Love Unity Respect, the firt hit single off All The Rage album), the dark haunting mind trip of Dark Dreams(which wonderfully opened the show) and Find Your Way as well as the title track off upcoming album Le Petit Mort (Little Death). Jayy was absolutely right, Chicago Music Guide readers. This new song was slightly darker than their other current songs amidst hardcore screamo and electronica sound. Plenty of intense head banging rock too.

Hey who tossed their bras onto the stage?!?! That (and more) was part of the nonstop action going on and around the stage (balcony included) throughout this highly intensified performance to which BOTDF said Chicago was the best orgy they ever had wanting to take each and every one of us home with them. BUT please, ladies, DO NOT squeeze the guy’s family jewels. Blood On The Dance Floor’s new album, Le Petit Mort, will have a Valentine’s Day release but in the meantime check out their current hit album, All The Rage. SouthSide highly recommends rockin’ your electronica/dance world with the band live at their next show to experience all of the magic, action and fun that happens while they perform. Sunday cannot wait until they return again.

SouthSide would like to thank Jayy for spending a few minutes with her for the interview and Tom for setting up for her. For more information about Blood On The Dance Floor, visit http://www.ilovebotdf.com.

Until next time, support your local scene,