Doug Tuttle and the Paperhats, comprised of rhythm guitarist and vocalist Jesse Gallagher, drummer Noah Bond, bassist Justin DeArmitt, and lead vocalist and lead guitarist Doug Tuttle, took the stage at The Owl in support of his new album It Calls On Me. And then the first song began on what became an electric night of psychedelic rock infused with soulful guitar belaying a haunting sound of realism. Each song was filled with the steady strum of psychedelic pop-rock and each song featured a guitar solo harking back to a Live Rust era Neil Young.

Each song washes over the crowd seeming to calm them and make them feel more secure. The soft vocals and steady, repetitive guitar strums lull the listener into a safe place and then a screeching guitar solo burns its way across the crowd like lightning flashes in the sky. Doug Tuttle mixes the best elements of a variety of sources: harmonies from the Beatles, guitar solos from Neil Young, and the guitar riffs of Cream to create an undeniably perfect audial journey.

The only real criticism would be the group’s stage presence. In many of his solos, Doug Tuttle turns his back to the crowd and plays to his drummer, obscuring whatever emotions he may be showing while he plays. In their closing number, Turn This Love, the band embarked on a long jam session with Doug Tuttle wailing on the guitar and each musician of the group sinking deeper and deeper into the music. It was a spectacle to behold and an even greater privilege to listen to, but for almost the entirety of the jam not a single member of the band was facing the crowd, aside from the drummer who has no choice but to face the crowd. But even then, the drummer spent the jam session time facing downward staring intently at his drum set. If a jam session is going to run into almost the double digit minute mark, it would be refreshing to see a single face of a band member. The way Doug Tuttle plays the guitar solos and how his body sways to the music clearly show his emotions while on stage and it would be an even more immersive experience if he would allow the crowd to see those emotions as well.

You can find them on Facebook. If you enjoy ethereal guitar solos coupled with the main beats of psychedelic rock, then Doug Tuttle is the musician for you. Doug Tuttle and the Paperhats are touring through the end of the month.

Review by: Sandsha Andreyev


New Hampshire-native, hot-shit guitar-slinger Doug Tuttle returns with his second solo record It Calls On Me.

It Calls On Me shows Tuttle (ex-MMOSS) relaxing into his role as a memorable, and compelling songwriter, eager to showcase his storehouse of harmonies, dissonances, and delighting in the more fragile and intimate aspects of frayed-at-the-edges song-creation. It Calls On Me feels more like a blissful letting go, rather than a giving in. Eschewing the jittery, love-lorn anxiety of his debut solo break through, the follow up presents a decidedly more dreamy journey through softer, sun-burnt landscapes, while still showcasing Tuttle’s trademark masterful guitar-work and his very own brand of impeccably-crafted, fractured psychedelic pop.