Reformed Whores Live at Zanies Comedy Club [REVIEW]

I must confess that country music is not usually something I listen to all that often, I do like it but, I usually find myself listening to electronic music, classic rock, or some old school heavy metal that really helps adrenalize my day.

But, I always remain open to new influences and I love finding talented musicians that inspire and impress me. Such is the case with the NYC based comedic country duo called Reformed Whores. Don’t let their name scare you or give you any wrong impressions, because there is so much more to musicians, Katy Frame and Marie Cecile Anderson than meets the eye.

Katy and Marie started off (separately) acting, from off-broadway musicals, award winning independent films, and each of them, along the way, working odd jobs to pay the bills and fuel the dream. Eventually they found themselves at a party where they hit it off and talked about utilizing their musical skills with the ukulele, guitar and accordion and working on a band together.

It was a friend of Katy’s who had a Spotify playlist entitled “Reformed Whores” where the name actually derived from, but it connected with Katy and Marie and eventually formed the foundation of what the band would become.

In 2011, they put their talents to the test, continually pushing themselves in new directions to help the Reformed Whores to take off. Surprisingly, with their performing arts background, they struggled with the performance side of their show at first, but quickly overcame yet another hurdle with flying colors and continued to write more music which became their first album “Ladies Don’t Spit” which was released in 2012.

Those times of “working for the man” paid off with a very professional product both inside and out and propelled them to touring with Les Claypool’s Duo de Twang, Alice Cooper, Godsmack, comedian Ralphie May, and many more. The uniqueness of their brand of music also has allowed them to headline many Zanie’s Comedy Clubs throughout the country and perform at many other clubs and festivals as well and I am still only scratching the surface of what these two lovely ladies have accomplished in their young years.

On the surface, Reformed Whores can seem intimidating given the subject matter of their music, with songs like “Hump-a-Lot Bear” and “Eating Out”, some people may need a little time to get used to them. But if you let yourself go and just laugh, you’ll understand exactly where they’re coming from.

Now, as I mentioned before, there is more to Reformed Whores than the sum of their lyrical stylings and Katy and Marie bring it with their musical, vocal and performance chops. Thursday night, opening night of their three night stint here at Zanies in St. Charles, there was nothing but laughs and a whole lot of professionalism in their performance.

Seamlessly weaving their way through their set much like they did on their new album entitled “Don’t Beat Around the Bush” where they conversationally segway their way to the next song. Much of their set was concentrated on their new album, of course, which included songs like, “Whorny”, “Willy for a Day” and not to mention their latest hit, “Eating Out”. Their performance of these songs really made a big difference too in the enjoyment level, I mean, the songs themselves were funny enough, but add to it their expressions, gestures and personalizations to members of the audience and it literally took it to a whole new level of hysterical!

The room at Zanies Comedy Club was perfect, comfortable and every seat had a good view of the performers. The wait staff were attentive and friendly and I would definitely welcome more opportunities to visit Zanies again.

Overall, the evening was a perfect mix of stand up comedy, provided by Jim Flannigan, California based comedian, Ellis Rodriguez and the great musical comedy by Reformed Whores. Bring a friend and you’ll both be crying your eyes out with how funny they are!

The Reformed Whores are playing two shows tonight, so be sure to get out there and see them while you can or catch them at any of these following dates of their tour:

April 16 – St. Charles, IL – Zanies Comedy Club *HEADLINING*
April 16 – St. Charles, IL – Zanies Comedy Club *HEADLINING*
April 17 – Chicago, IL – Mom Genes at Windy City Inn
April 18 – Chicago, IL – Zanies Comedy Club – Female Funnies
May 2016
May 3 – Ridgefield, CT – Dweezil Zappa Tour – The Ridgefield Playhouse *OPENING ACT*
May 4 – Ardmore, PA – Dweezil Zappa Tour – The Ardmore Music Hall *OPENING ACT*
May 5 – Alexandria, VA – Dweezil Zappa Tour – The Birchmere *OPENING ACT*
May 7 – Boston, MA – Dweezil Zappa Tour – Brighton Music Hall *OPENING ACT*
May 21 – Wilmington, NC – The Cape Fear Comedy Festival *HEADLINING*
May 28 – June 4 – Charleston, SC – Piccolo Spoleto Festival at Theatre 99
July 2016
July 19 – Fort Wayne, IN – The Tiger Room
July 20-23 – Rosemont, IL – Zanies Comedy Club *HEADLINING*
July 24 – Louisville, KY – Zanzabar
July 25 – Memphis, TN – Minglewood Hall – 1884 Lounge
July 26 – Dallas, TX – RBC
July 27 – Houston, TX – The Secret Group
July 28 – 31 – San Antonio, TX – The Improv Comedy Club *HEADLINING*


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