REVIEW – Vintage Trouble at the Riviera Theatre

REVIEW – Vintage Trouble at the Riviera Theatre

Review by Rebecca F.
Photos © 2017 by: Roman Sobus

In an era where musicians have been stamped out by DJs and live music performances are becoming survival events (Paris’ Bataclan, 2015; Route 91 Harvest Music Fest, 2017), Vintage Trouble’s lead singer Ty Taylor makes it a night worth dying for.

Raw, powerful and flamboyant (like James Brown), with apple-cheeked innocence (harkening back to a young Michael Jackson) and deep soul fire (yes, Otis Redding), Ty Taylor’s voice oozes emotion as he masterfully nails every note.

Ty Taylor is one in a million. The band with Nalle Colt on guitar, Rick Bario Dill on bass, Richard Danielson- drums are Hollywood’s hardest working R&B group. Vintage Trouble sports songs tidy and surprising: nothing but good vibes.

Inspired, the friendly diverse audience danced mesmerized by Ty’s every whim. Taylor addressed the crowd (“Ladies and gents”) and bemoaned that men are still taught “Not to be emotional.” Under the crumbling dignity of the 2,500-seat Riviera Theater, Vintage Trouble’s retro-dressed, attractive, mod musicians supported Ty’s soulful wail: “Why would you believe another man’s words over mine?”

At the end of the set, a showstopper: Taylor jumped off stage and, deep in the thronging crowd, sang as he worked his way to the back of the venue.

We watched from above, enchanted.

And then: true magic. Courageous to the core, he ascended the stairs to join us in the balcony. There he was, singing in the nosebleeds, singing with us. A man of the people, Taylor worked his way up those stairs to sing with us. Every last one of us.

We delighted in his star power. Even jumping rope with his mic cable after he made his way back on stage couldn’t compete. A man of talent, giftedness, joy, and love, had chosen to join us in our invisible seats. Now that’s a hope worth kindling.


Blues Hand Me Down
Doin’ What You Were Doin’
Another Man’s Words
Can’t Stop Rolling
Crystal Clarity
Run Like the River
Knock Me Out

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