Parent Company, Rock ‘n Retail, LLC provides music marketing, sales & PR services for physical music product sales at Brick-n-Mortar locations. Rock ‘n Retail’s services include, but are not limited to: Setting up In-store Performances and Meet ‘n Greets/Autograph Sessions, Calling on Retail to Obtain Free in-store Promotional Positioning, Encouraging Stores to order Product Through Their One-Stop by Informing Stores of Concerts and Airplay in their area to and Mailing them Promotional Goods, Traditional PR, Soliciting Licensing Deals for Clients, Placement of Video at Lifestyle Locations, Placement of Audio on Compilations/Mixtapes for Clubs and DJ’s and Traditional Media Buying.

Retail Sales & Marketing Campaigns
Calling on Chains (@ Store Level), Indie Chains & Mom-n-Pop Buyers

Rock ‘n Retail has serviced well over 250 releases for approximately 100 Major or Independent Record Labels, Book Produers and/or Product Distributors, since 1991. This provides Rock ‘n Retail’s Clients the benefit of our expertise, which results in successfully affecting buying and positioning decisions by Indie, Indie Chains AND at Store Level retail. Over the last 20 years, Rock ‘n Retail has perfected a standard music marketing program that brings in the same stellar results, time and time again, across all genres of music.

We deliberately run a small shop so that we can effectively service each individual product to the fullest extent by being able to seize all opportunities that present themselves, on time, and in an organized fashion. This template results in our clients coming back, time and time again for our music marketing abilities…


Our campaigns consistently and historically provide average increases; both wholesale and sell-thru, of 500% to 1600%. Translated into unit numbers on a (i.e.) 200 store campaign, an 800% increase would be the equivalent of increasing the average number of units in stock, per store, from 0.38 units, to 4 units per store. An 800% increase applied to overall sales in those 200 stores is an increase from 75 units to 700 units sold.


The President of Rock ‘n Retail since 1991 (a.k.a. Rock and Retail), and the online music marketing division, Web ‘n Retail; Gale Rosenberg has over 30 years of Music Marketing experience including positions held at J. Walter Thompson Advertising, Orenstein/Savage Advertising, Billboard Magazine, Mix Magazine, ABC & MCA Records, PolyGram Distribution and Wherehouse Entertainment Corporation. She is an instructor at UCLA Extension on the subject of “Entrepreneurship of the Independent Musician” as well as a guest lecturer at UCLA & Loyola Marymount University on the subject of Viral/Social Media Marketing. She attended San Diego State University with a major in Journalism and a minor in Advertising.

WEB ‘n RETAIL (Viral Music Marketing & PR)

Web ‘n Retail is the online music marketing and social media marketing division of Rock ‘n Retail. A pioneer in viral music marketing, in 1994 Web ‘n Retail (a.k.a. Web and Retail) launched the second CD store ever online, coupled with their music reality show “Rock the Strip”. The site was hosted by Nina Blackwood (MTV) and was the first Billboard chart reporter ever, for online sales. Web ‘n Retail mirrors the strength and programs that Rock ‘n Retail built for traditional retail to drive traffic to retail but specifically online. The division’s music marketing services include: Video Marketing Services, PR Services, Social Media Services, SEO Services, Viral Blogging, Mobile App Blogging, eBlasts and Music Licensing services. Web ‘n Retail has been responsible for over 250 music marketing campaigns for events, record labels, independent artists, DVDs, music distributors, mobile Apps, websites, motivational speakers and more.

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