Rudy Currence Interview

By: Cicely Mitchell

Grammy and Dove award -winning producer, singer and songwriter Rudy Currence is celebrating summer with brand new music that promises to captivate, encourage, delight and enchant current fans while garnering new ones!

Currence, who has remade the R&B ballad “Blackberry Molasses”, continues to be an example of what music is missing. “I want to be known for music that is uplifting while soulful,” Currence stated to the Chicago Music Guide.

The South Carolina native has now taken the Atlanta based R&B quartet, Mista’s 90s hit, “Blackberry Molasses” and gives listeners an intrinsic and layered musical interpretation, enveloped in signature and perfectly sculpted rifts and octaves. Furthermore, he blends guitar, a music sample from Hip Hop icons Run DMC, keyboard and other instruments into a soulful serenade.

“Blackberry Molasses is a song that has always spoke to me as well as my brother, MYKAL STAR,” Currence added. “I knew that when I remade it, the song would already have a cult following. Songs such as this serve as an example of that missing link in today’s music, which is which is light and encouragement.

“Where is the message of hope in music today? Where is the message of love? Much of what is out today does not help individuals who need a voice of encouragement,” Currence said. “Through all of my music, my goal is to bring back the ‘feel goodness’, love, and light of R&B ,” Currence added. “So what better way to come back and usher in summer with something that is uplifting, familiar and nostalgic?”

Currence, who sees “Blackberry Molasses” as his latest “love offering”, has gospel roots that run deep and continue to keep him grounded as an artist and person. In fact, Currence recently collaborated with gospel great, songwriter, record producer, artist and cousin Donald Lawrence for gospel legend Karen Clark Sheard ‘s song “Sunday A.M.(Pronounced: Morning)”.

“There is no leaving my gospel roots,” Currence added. “Hope and love will always exist. I will face challenges, adversity and setbacks, but there is triumph and more triumph to obtain and go after,” Currence stated. “To God be the glory, always!”

As Currence prepares for upcoming projects and touring, he wants “Blackberry Molasses” to be the song that is played at summer parties, cookouts but furthermore reside within the souls and minds of all who hear it. “Good music…captivating music… will last forever and that is something I always want to be known for,” Currence stated.

Currence has finished up several episodes of the “Currence Chronicles” which will appear on his YouTube channel. He is also preparing for several live performances throughout the country in the autumn months to come. “New music is also on the way!,” exclaimed Currence. “New music that continues to inspire, encourage and uplift will continue,” Currence stated. “It’s my calling, it’s my joy and it’s simply what I want to be known for.”

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