By: Dennis M. Kelly
October, 2005

DK: How is the music scene down in Mexico?

Seis Pistos: Well the mainstream music scene in Mexico is still dominated by cumbia, ranchero and that kind of music. But the latin alternative scene has grown a lot since we first started and the variety of it has gotten wider, ska had a great few years and made a crossover to other audiences and as far as harder rock it seems is growing.

DK: How did you come to play Rock/Punk music?

Seis Pistos: Well being kind of a border kid (we live at 3 ½ hours of El Paso Texas), my brother an I always were influenced by the music from the states and the one playing in our country. Later on we started skateboarding and that opened up a new frontier of new and exciting music and punk was one of them, before that we were aware of old punk like The Clash but we didn’t saw it any different from rock, but when we got into the US skate scene we became aware of bands like Bad Religion, Dinosour Jr, No Fx, Minor Threat and Rancid and at the time in Chihuahua there were only bands covering Iron Maiden and stuff like that but they were against latin music so we decided to make our own music where we could incorporate our latin influences, punk and rock in general.

DK: Were all of you born and raised in Mexico?

Seis Pistos: Yes we all have those “MADE IN MEXICO” stamps on our back ha ha.

DK: Are there any other bands involved with the “Latin Alternative Movement”

Seis Pistos: Yes a lot of bands have been making latin atrnative music from a long time ago, but in Mexico we just call them rock because it would be like asking Chinese food in China you just order food ja. But actually we were at the Latin Alternative Music Conference and there were lots of cool latin alternative bands playing and attending from all over the continent.

DK: Who are some of your biggest influences individually and as a group?

Seis Pistos: Individually, being a guitar player that would be Led Zeppelin, Eric Clapton, Jeff Beck, Stevie Ray and Jimmi Vaughan, Charly Christian and Kenny Burrel and everything I have ever heard since birth.
As a band I think that would also start with Led Zeppelin, Minor Threat, Rancid, No Fx, Cream, Pink Floyd, AC DC, Caifanes, Cafe Tacuba and Tin Tan.

DK: How was your time here in Chicago when you were here for the Meca Conference?

Seis Pistos: We loved the city, it was a great gig.

DK: Have you done a full tour through the states yet? or have you just played some sporatic cities only?

Seis Pistos: As today we have only played 3-5 gigs a year in the states but we are yet to do a full tour, which we are planning for our next record.

DK: How did you manage to get involved with the TV show, “The Shield”?

Seis Pistos: That was thru the Taxi service, that, like Sonicbids is one of there great artist friendly services that really work great by the way.

DK: How did Seis Pistos start?

Seis Pistos: Well my brother always was playing music and singing with other kids in the neighborhood giving serenades to our girls (and other peoples girls) and to our mothers on mothers day and later on when we started skating there was a lack of original music in our community, at the time there were only heavy metal cover bands in Chihuahua and that wasn’t very fulfilling, so we felt that we needed to express ourselves in other directions and then all of sudden we had a band, but sometimes it feels like the band started on us.

DK: Where did the Seis Pistos name come from?

Seis Pistos: It is a paradox between the old Mexican rock and roll where they only translated the songs and called some other thing like good golly miss molly is called la plaga, its kind of a Mexican cultural where we Mexicanise things and because our goal has always to make an original music entity, we wanted to point that out and making a very obvious name like the sex pistols and mexicanise it but doing the exact opposite of what mexicna rock music was used thus making something totally original.

DK: What could people expect if they were to go to one of your concerts?

Seis Pistos: Sometimes I don’t know what to expect ha ha. Well they can expect to have a great time, we make our live shows very intense with a great sense of humor, we try to make people laugh, cry, get mad while we deliver honest music.

DK: You’ve been around for seven years, right? What are some of the things you (as a band) have learned over that time that you’ve found most helpful?

Seis Pistos: Well I have found out that if you want to do something in music you have to work really hard but is important to always have a smile, you should have a good time doing your work. Its also important to study the basic of the music business so you can have clear idea of were you want to go with your music, because sadly making music is only a part of being a musician, sometimes the business side is overwhelming but you have to know how things work so you wont get cheated.

DK: Any plans to make it back to Chicago anytime soon?

Seis Pistos: We are planning a full US tour and we will hit Chicago

DK: What does the future hold for Seis Pistos?

Seis Pistos: Well if I knew that I probably would get out of the band ha ha, but seriously in the immediate plans we are releasing another full length album which is produced by Mark Wolfosn (Talking Heads, Stone Temple Pilots, Ice-T) who actually heard us Chicago at the Meca Conference and we recorded the basic tracks in New York at Loho Studios and in Los Angeles in Steve Vai´s Studio The Mothership where we also finished the mix.

Then we are to tour first all over Mexico and by the end of the year we are back in the states.

From time to time the music world seems wear out and begins to lack spontaneity and every song start to sound the same and same. When that happens, it’s always the most unlikely thing that comes out of nowhere the one that sparks the flame of creativity in music. That unlikely thing today is the sEiS pIsToS, they sum up both Rock and Latin music into one powerful new sound in the realms of the Latin Alternative movement, that they call Latin Punk a sound that made them the best band of the 2004 edition of the NXNE Festival in Toronto Canada, accordingly to the Chartattack magazine with a qualification of 99 of 100 score.

Their unique sound comes form the cultural development produced by globalization and the approaching of countries around the world, mainly in Mexico and USA. Being at the center of these two countries, the guys have been influenced from an early age (and at the same time) by the traditional Latin music and good old rock and roll, form Elvis to Pedro Infante, these boys have been giving “serenatas” (serenades) to pretty “señoritas” since they were kids to playing their high energy sound in the LA streets.

Their Latin Punk, as they call the sEiS pIsToS sound, contains influences from all aspects of rock and roll, punk, ska, blues and some times even jazz, driven by the blazing high octane guitar sounds of Kenio, speed unique vocals of Ivan, hard melodic bass lines of Gaspar united by the big bad ass drumming of Victor.

In words of legendary music producer Kim Fowley: “As SEIS PISTOS West Coast-Hark Rock consultant, i have to say that SEIS PISTOS are the Latin Ramones for the 21st century rock marketplace. i have produced or written for such 20th century rock success stories as KISS-ALICE COOPER-VAN HALEN-NIRVANA-RUNAWAYS-STEPPENWOLF-BLUE CHEER-SEEDS. i even found time to publish music by MOTLEY CRUE AND BLUE OYSTER CULT. Wearing my hat as rock & roll-hardrock expert, i endorse SEIS PISTOS. These guys rock out and they do it in both spanish and english. and they do it from a different cultural perspective which gets a spicy flavor into rock and roll. I have heard the future of Latin rock music: and that sound belongs to SEIS PISTOS”.

After seven years the band have played all around their home town Chihuahua Mexico, the most important cities of Mexico such as: DF, Guadalajara, Monterrey, Durango, Pachuca, Torreon, etc; and have toured Dallas, El Paso, Las Cruces, LA, the 2004 MECA CONFERENCE in Chicago, the 2004 NXNE FESTIVAL in Toronto Canada where they were named best band of the festival by Chartattack magazine with a near perfect 99 score. They have released two studio LPS, one EP trhu independent Mexican labels and music for local TV shows and short films, including the playing of their newest song “La Vida Facil” in the episode #310 of the Emmy awarded series The Shield. The band is currently working on their third studio album with producer Mark Wolfson (Stone Temple Pilots, Ice-T, etc) at Steve Vai´s recording studio The Mothership, relasing a advance EP from those sessions at the 2005 SXSW Music Festival and Conferences where they are schedule to showcase in march 18. Also the band completed in 2004 their first US national college radio campaign with long time radio promoter Bryan Farrish, that result in the band inclusion in over 100 stations all over the states and Canada.
In 2004 the band did excellent in songwriting competitions coming up as finalist in the 2004 edition of the John Lennon Songwriting Competition and the Independent Songwriting Contest.

So in an era where you can walk into a McDonalds and buy a burrito, don’t think that it will be too long for the music of the sEiS pIsToS and the Latin Alternative movement to have an important place in the music scene in the States.