Shoot The Dead are:
Andi – Singer
Andre – Bass, programming
Nath – Guitar, programming
Iain – Drums

Latest News:

Currently working on their new album

Recently played shows in Hastings, Cambridge and Brighton.
– Major goal in 2013 is to play Brighton’s Great Escape!


Rising up organically through impromptu gigs in Brighton’s thriving free party scene in 2010, four piece band Shoot the Dead create the kind of dance infused rock music that delivers both style and substance.

With their unique combination of frenetic rhythms, driving bass, searing guitar riffs and Andi’s phenomenal vocals, they have produced a collection hook laden tunes, citing collective primary influences as diverse as the Beatles through to the Prodigy and Hendrix through to Orbital.

The band take their name from a line borrowed from horror maestro George Romero. “There’s all these zombies coming out, covered in blood and someone shouts “shoot the dead” explains the band, who have equally embraced with relish their initials STD, referring to their fans as simply “carriers”

Ironically, with all this talk of zombies, Shoot the Dead are very much a live band delivering mesmerizing performances set against a backdrop of thought provoking visuals and eclectic songs that range from the sleazy title defying “Lullaby” through to the more aggressive and hi octane tunes such as “Weapon of Hate” and “Kill Machine Kill”.

Coming soon to a venue near you, this is one STD you need to catch !!


. ‘Lullaby’
released last October – An excellent video directed by Martin Malone (Mad Dog Films) where Andrea Berthiaume (singer) plays a reclusive movie star…and here it is!:
. After Lullaby, a Rockumentary on Shoot the Dead
and then another video for you to enjoy:
. ‘The Rage’ also directed by Martin Malone

‘Lullaby’ (radio edit); available to buy on iTunes, Google Play, and eMusic.

A crowd favourite! Along with ‘Scars’. Shoot The Dead are an energetic live band, with influences which include Prodigy, Chemical Brothers, Biffy Clyro, Ocean Size and also The Beatles, Rolling Stones and Pink Floyd.

‘Lullaby’ is an emotive, electro-rock song. Andi has a wonderful, powerful voice. Grabs you, more energetic than your average lullaby!

‘The Rage’ (April 2012 – Supreme Music Ltd) – I Love the feel to this!

Available on iTunes, Google Play and eMusic.

This gets going straight away! Flies through with fiery, catchy rock that’s carried along with a bit of electronica! Brilliant video too, watch it in the playlist above. Has a good punch. That’s definitely woke me up!

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