Sounds of Chicago 2017 – Year End Edition

Sounds of Chicago 2017 – Year End Edition

Drownbeat – There is Light Featuring Nicole Garza

Ashley & Simpson – Missing You Tonight

KG Guapo – Don’t Trust Her

Aaron Williams Band – Lightning Bolt

Eugeine Grey and the Bad Habits – Say it Now

Take the Reins – Southside Rules

Prison City Brigade – Mixed Signals

Voice of Addiction – Corporate Pariah

Amity Empire – Lord of the Fleas

Reign – Honor Killings

Westgate – Silk Cuts

Held Against Your Head – Life isn’t Fair…-131275587583544

Uncouth – Cartesian Lies

Bullet to the Heart – Locked Inside

Dead Freddie – Mary’s Waiting

Grain of Sand – See if I Care

The Uncle Steves – Bullets With Love

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