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villainsfizzbar2This is your Villains Official of Information, Eva Trixx, stepping in once again to update you on the happenings of our villainous leader, Mr. Agitator, and his band of cohorts – Fallon Flynn, Vex, Nightshade, and Pulse also known as V Is For Villains.

Tonight, there was a special reason to celebrate, villains, as other villains spanning from dark corners and underbellies of secret lairs of unknown converge at the loft of Chicago’s Fizz Bar and Grill. The original mistress of the keyboards – Veronica Jade – returned for a one-night only appearance performing with the Villains. Ah, you certainly are correct in thinking what a hot Villains performance that would be. Plus there were other villainous appearances by the mysterious carnival troupe Candy Town and the rootin’ tootin’ cow folks of Colonel Gunn’s Wild West Music Show rockin’ the stage with an extra DJ set by the Lord of all things of Swing music, Vourteque. Whew …it was definitely a hot time in the old town tonight! Yet it was even hotter and steamier inside than outside! SO hot and steamy inside this venue that Mr. Agitator almost performed the full monty during the Villains headlining performance of Nine Inch Nails’ “Closer”! Off went the top hat, waistcoat, shirt, suspenders, boots, socks …and (drum roll) – his paints! Yes, if you weren’t there, Mr. Agitator wears …well, Eva shall not disclose that part. However she will say he does have a yummy arse! Villainous followers were tossing dollars on stage for our fearless leader to continue stripping. Sadly, he did put his pants back on. *frowns*

In other Villains news, the newest member of the Mr. Agitator’s gang looked mighty dapper in his villainous attire and mask. He truly looks the part now as if he belongs with V Is For Villains for life. And it was nice having mistress Veronica Jade back in the lineup …dual keyboards (with drum programming) made for an exciting show to which the Eva felt the floor moving and shaking …literally. Villains who missed this very important gathering shall be dealt with the swiftest of Villains justice by Mr. Agitator. In the meantime, make your penitence by visiting V Is For Villains at

Eva highly recommends checking Mr. Agitator’s other villainous cohorts at their next performances, known as Candy Town and Colonel Gunn’s Wild West Music Show. Candy Town ( is one act that will not only mesmerize with their painted shadowy white faces and pantomime-like movements but the music take you back to the days of vaudeville and circus sideshows. This troupe of characters lean heavily on the melodramatic side of its music yet there will be moments when you’ll feel an upbeat swing within its sound that makes you want to twirl or do the shapoopie while each song tells a story. Songs like “Green Man”, “Emmy” (so haunting under the pale moon lights), and “Channel Zero” had a way of being more than just having front man/vaudeville barker Shawn and his lovely co-singers (Maggie and Kristen) standing on stage in front of their microphones. No, they move to the music beat with their precise choreographed dance and hand movements to expressively convey the lyrical tale to the audience. In a way, you’re indeed getting more than a performance with Candy Town. It’s vaudevillian theatre music show wrapped in one 45 minute set however tonight due to the late start of the entire show …it was fairly short (no fault of all the bands performing). Still, Eva had a fun time with this band especially with the bit of comedic humor in between. She wonders if they collected enough money for that swim team. To find more information about Candy Town, visit this carnival troupe of musicians at their reverbnation site or Facebook page.

Moving along towards the saloon area of town, Colonel Gunn’s and his cow folks of Wild West Music Show rocked the stage with delightful performance of classic ditties from 60s and 70s …and some modern adult contemporary too. They may cover these memorable songs that you love to sing along (when no one’s watching) but they add a spin villainous-like spin to them. For instance, the lovely Miss Dallas Darling superbly wowed the crowd with her two lead numbers Ike and Tina’s version of “Proud Mary” (first taking it slow before popping that blast of soul/R&B/rock sound) and Aretha Franklin’s “Respect” with a dynamic tour de force of her voice rockin’ the microphone. She didn’t only just sing the lyrics. She pumped emotional life into each and every word. Oh, Eva cannot forget lil Missy Mayhem singing duet with the Colonel on the classic Johnny and June Carter Cash tune “Jackson” putting a little sass in her vocals this time …and she has to, folks, because she was singing for two. Let’s also not forget the Professor Francis Fellows shaking his arse while on stage performing that Lynyrd Skynyrd classic “Gimme 3 Steps” while the ever dapper Colonel enthusiastically wowed the ladies (and gents) with his rousing rendition of Chicago’s very own Ides of March “Vehicle”. He truly had Eva swooning during this fine song performance. However it wasn’t just the Colonel and cow gang singing …nope, he had everyone singing along too. Whether it was The Monkees’ tune “Daydream Believer” or “Hooked On A Feeling”, this lively troupe of colorful characters had everyone kicking up their heels and/or doing that fancy two-step dance step thing. For more information on the next hoedown at Colonel Gunn’s Wild West Music Show, visit

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