The Starting Line, formed by Kenny Vasoli along with guitarists Matt Watts, Mike Golla, and drummer Tom Gryskewicz, some eight years ago in the suburbs of Pennsylvania are set to release the most triumphant album of their career on July 31st entitled Direction. For inspiration while writing the songs that became Direction, Vasoli looked to classic artists like Bob Dylan and James Brown. “I know that our album doesn’t sound like that,” the singer says, “but those guys would write songs that didn’t have a whole lot going on, but they still worked really well. I guess that I tried to adopt that mindset while writing these songs. I wanted to give people something that was three or four minutes long, and got to the point.” That distinct approach can be heard throughout Direction, whether it’s in the wistful power-pop of “I Could Be Wrong”, the strutting hard rock on the title track or the infectious first single “Island”.

Recorded with Grammy nominated producer Howard Benson, this album is the logical next step in a career that has seen the band on the main stage of Warped Tour, performing on Jimmy Kimmel Live, appearing on multiple covers of Alternative Press and had a video that made its way onto MTV. “This new record is definitely something we are all very proud of.” says Vasoli. “Just the thought of what could happen with this is making us really excited. We really hope that it can reach all sorts of new people.”

Band Members
Kenny Vasoli
Matt Watts
Mike Golla
Tom Gryskewicz
Brian Schmutz

Photos © 2007 by: Amy Aiello