May, 2006

By: Dennis M. Kelly

DK: When did Sudden Dark, a Statement of Imagery begin?

Sudden Dark: SDASOI was completed in June 2000. The other members have been life long friends and were playing music together prior to me (david Goffron) joining the band as Blindsided.

DK: Who originated SDASOI?

Sudden Dark: All of USdasoi.

DK: Is there a story behind your name?

Sudden Dark: The forces guided us to the name.

DK: How old are each of you?

Sudden Dark: Band ages range from 21-27

DK: How did you all come together?

Sudden Dark: All members except for me(DG), lived within a block of each other growing up playing sports together & going to school with each other.

DK: Has anyone in SDASOI had any lessons in what they do?

Sudden Dark: Most of us have had some form of music lessons at one point or another.

DK: Who are your influences collectively and individually?

Sudden Dark: Our influences in creating vary based off our individual life experiences & musical exposures. Everyone would agree that we’re all big fans of Pink Floyd first and foremost. Individually, Pink Floyd, Tool, Metallica, The Doors, Stone Temple Pilots, etc, etc, etc, etc, etc, etc.

DK: Is there a primary writer in the band?

Sudden Dark: We’re all involved in creating music because it makes us happy so we’re very democratic in our writing style & decisions, no one person makes the babies. +)D

DK: The lyrics are very symbolically written and with your well crafted music behind it, your words (David) come out more powerfully. Can you tell me more about a song or two?

Sudden Dark: Lyrically I’m speaking of my life experiences like most, but love to paint word as to be visually stimulating at the same time.

DK: How do you normally go about putting your songs together? Music first or lyrics first?

Sudden Dark: Music then melodies/improved lyrics then finalized lyrics thus far.

DK: How would you best describe your music?

Sudden Dark: Our music like us is real. And in the end that’s what matters in life for us, being true to self & enjoying life while we have it.

DK: How would you best describe your live shows?

Sudden Dark: Our live shows are intense, serious & silly all at once. I’d like to think that one comes to our show to be bathed in a positive energy & leave to share it with everything.

DK: How often do you play out per month/yr?

Sudden Dark: Right now we usually play once a month. 12-20 times a year thus far but intend to increase that starting the fall of this year.

DK: Where would you like to see yourselves (realistically) playing this year?

Sudden Dark: We should be at Metro sometime this year which would be great to play that stage that so many of our musical influences exerted on! But we all know it’s not always where your playing that make a show a great experience.

DK: Have you played out of state yet?

Sudden Dark: Close, but no.

DK: You recently released an EP, how is that being received and where can people get it?

Sudden Dark: The new EP has received nothing but compliments! It’s our best sounding recording thus far. We’d like to thank Erik Grant ( for the extra time=life he put into it! It can be bought at shows or both suburban Tower Record locations.

DK: The cover art of your EP is very eye-catching; is there any meaning to that as well?

Sudden Dark: There’s meaning in the cover but we’ll leave that up to everyone to find their own. Unless, they want to come out to a show and get into a discussion.?

DK: What shows are coming up for you in the next few months?

Sudden Dark: A few shows in the works for June (MOBfest, Abbey Pub) & maybe another full band acoustic show Tuesday, May 16th @ North Beach with Kristin Joy, Justine Kope from Starlike Collision & TBA.

DK: Any other plans that we should be looking out for as well?

Sudden Dark: A few summer shows, lots of summer promotions, lots of shows starting in the fall, a lot of writing new tunes in the summer!!

DK: Well, thank you very much for your time today and we look forward to watching your career continue to rise!
Sudden Dark: Thank you for your time=life, efforts & patience! Much love & appreciation!
Sudden Dark a Statement of Imagery_

BASS Bob Baker
GUITAR Jeff Clayton
GUITAR Eric Carlson
DRUMS Bryan Carlson
VOCALS David Goffron