Susie Blue and the Lonesome Fellas are Cowboy Jazz at it’s finest on their new single “Spadella”

Hey Western Swing Lovers, Susie Blue and the Lonesome Fellas has a frolicking NEW SINGLE, and it’s Cowboy Jazz at it’s finest!  Retro Roots meets MAYHEM with a little bit of Gypsy thrown in for fun.  There is no swooning girl vocal on this one – it’s the bands first instrumental featuring an original tune written by the infamous Western Swing bandleader Spade Cooley.

The word “Spadella” could either be taken from his name, or it is a conjugation of the Italian word “Spadellare” which means “to cook”.   It could also refer to a genus of planktonic marine animals (phylum Chaetognatha) that includes arrow worms. It is  doubtful that Spade would have written this song with worms in mind, but you never know with Spade…  At any rate, it is a romping instrumental, and since it’s an uptempo piece one would think that he meant  the band was COOKIN’!!!

It features Javier Chaparro who is sizzlin’ on the fiddle, Don Stille who is smokin’ on accordion and  guitarist and Fellas musical director Neal Alger who led the band in this rhapsodic ditty.  Bassist Chris Bernhardt and drummer Phil Gratteau keep the tempo frisky and you will be breathless by the end of this 3 minute musical tempest!  – JM Reid

You can listen and download the song here:

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