Retro Revival: Sweetie Blends Old Hollywood Glamor with Punk Edge in “Showgirl”

By: Kimberly Kapela

Birdy Vee, the frontwoman of the local lipstick punk band Sweetie, threw a glamorous night to remember at Gman Tavern on Friday, March 15, as Sweetie celebrated the release of their newest single, “Showgirl,” with a music video release show.

Kicking off the evening was a powerful performance by local punk band Shannon Candy, setting the stage for an unforgettable night of entertainment. Sweetie also curated a lineup that included drag performances from the mesmerizing Sindy Vicious, the enchanting Lucille Faux Fur, and the charming Spencer Moneyyy, infusing the night with an extra dose of theatricality and flair. With each lip-synced song, dance move, and witty banter, the drag performers drew the crowd deeper into the spectacle, creating moments of pure joy and laughter.

At the heart of the event was the premiere of the “Showgirl” music video — a visual masterpiece that transported viewers to a bygone era of old Hollywood glamor and timeless elegance. The video served as an ode to vintage showgirls, capturing the essence of their allure and mystique with stunning precision.

Enhancing the ambiance and immersing attendees in the world of classic Hollywood, Sweetie chose to have Marilyn Monroe’s iconic film Gentlemen Prefer Blondes playing in the background throughout the party. The choice of film added a nostalgic touch to the evening, complementing the retro-inspired theme of the music video perfectly.

But the festivities didn’t end with the screening of the music video. Sweetie encouraged attendees to participate in a showgirl costume contest, inviting them to channel their inner glamor and creativity. The result was a dazzling display of sparkly dresses, feather boas, and pearls as guests competed for the title of best showgirl of the night.

Throughout the evening, Vee’s magnetic presence commanded the stage, captivating the audience with her powerhouse vocals and infectious energy throughout songs like “Devil Girl” and “Catholic Boy” off their Bad Thing Sweet Thing record (2020).

With their unique blend of lipstick punk and old Hollywood glamor, Sweetie continues to push boundaries and inspire audiences to embrace their own brand of creativity and self-expression.

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