Sylvaine Returns To The Past With "Eg Er Framand" [REVIEW] 1

Sylvaine Returns To The Past With “Eg Er Framand” [REVIEW]

Review by: Dennis M. Kelly

Words escape me after listening to the new EP “Eg Er Framand” from Norwegian artist Kathrine Shepard, a.k.a. SYLVAINE… When listening to it, it is easy to become disconnected and drawn in by her angelic voice; the known world suddenly no longer exists. Kathrine takes us back to her Norwegian folk roots, adding another musical masterpiece to the Season Of Mist catalog that she signed to in 2015.

You won’t find anything heavy on this EP, at least not in the musical sense, but rather, you’ll get a lot of deep, luxurious, personally reworked traditional folk songs that can ignite your soul with new inspirations and purpose.

Dagsens Auga Sloknar Ut – The last moments of day fade away lyric translated from Norwegian.

Lys du yver meg din Fred – Shine over me your peace
Herre, hjartans Sol og Stjerna! – Being, the sun and treasure of hearts
Livsol, som gjeng aldri ned – Guiding light that will never fade
Meg mot Myrkers Hugskot verna! – Protecting me from the grasp of darkness
Stjerna, yver huset statt, – This star above us shines
Herre, vis meg Ljos i Natt! – Being, be my light tonight

Having re-written some of the words of the traditional songs she includes on the EP from their more Christian origin, Kathrine retained as much of the original words but crafted them to be true to who she is.

Kathrine was born into a musical family and destined to become a musician. Her father was a professional drummer, and her mother was involved in the business side of music. Together, they guided and encouraged her to keep pushing herself in her career.

With lessons in several schools, she learned drums, piano, and guitar, taught herself the bass, and then elevated herself further to include classical training. Her inspirations leaned heavily in the Classic Rock genre, citing Aerosmith as her main inspiration. Their song, Dream On seems fitting as we see her dream coming true before our eyes.

While not initially inspired by Norwegian folk, it has become a newer inspiration that she felt compelled to explore with SYLVAINE. Much of what she writes for SYLVAINE shares similar tones and lyrical themes she found in these folk pieces, so working with them came naturally for her, and she then made them her own.

Just short of thirty minutes, the tracklist of this new EP is as follows:

1. Dagsens Auga Sloknar Ut
2. Arvestykker
3. Eg Veit I Himmelrik Ei Borg
4. Livets Dans
5. Tussmørke
6. Eg Er Framand

The album’s instrumentation consists of vocals, a church organ, guitars, synthesizers, and percussion, all by Kathrine. Her guitar work matches all the emotional tones of her vocals perfectly, and you can hear it slightly in Eg Veit Himmerlrik Ei Borg, but you can find a better example of this in her song Everything Must Come To An End from her 2022 release, Nova. You can watch the video for it here:

“Eg Er Framand” was recorded at Kampen Kirke, Oslo, mixed by Magnus Lindberg, with mastering by Karl Daniel Lidén. The cover features Kathrine posed in front of an old structure wearing a coat and gown designed by Viveka Goyanes and crafted locally in A Coruña. The cover art, layout, and graphic design were by Helena Aguilar Mayans and Dehn Sora.

The album closes with the title track, Eg Er Framand (I Am A Stranger), sung without instrumentation, and expresses the discontent of not at peace on Earth, but seeking eternal peace after this life. The lack of instruments in this song compels the listener to look within, perhaps to contemplate their own lives and their place in the world…?

The Earth holds not
The peace my soul seeks
No, I long
Long to rejoin the realm of light

Where sorrows end
Where tears run dry
Where no ending may come
No deaths to deny

“Eg Er Framand” is a true labor of love, an exploration of Norwegian heritage and of self-discovery and her work is truly nothing short of inspirational, and I highly recommend you check out her music!

“Eg Er Framand” comes out on March 22nd on Season Of Mist and will be available on all streaming platforms.

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Kathrine Shepard, the visionary artist behind the evocative musical project SYLVAINE, weaves an intricate tapestry of emotions through the language of music. A transcendental bridge between worlds, a mesmerizing duality that encapsulates the beautiful and the harsh, light and darkness, serenity and chaos, and the delicate balance between the external world and the inner sanctum of the soul.

It is a symphony that harmonizes the human experience with its spiritual origins – a resonance of something beyond the tangible.

SYLVAINE’s compositions are a visceral journey through the vast spectrum of emotions that the complexities of the human experience have to offer. They encapsulate the inherent struggle of being an entity in this world, yet not entirely of it. Katherine’s music serves as a conduit for her innermost feelings, a cathartic expression of the eternal longing that resides within the very core of her melodies.

Akin to a fairytale spun from the threads of Norwegian folklore, a narrative that resonates with the spirits of ancient woods and the whispers of long forgotten creatures. With every ethereal note and haunting melody, she conjures images of untamed forests, of misty clearings inhabited by mystical beings.

In this artistry, there is an undeniable sense of transcendence, where listeners are transported beyond the confines of the ordinary into a dreamscape where reality and fantasy converge. A profound sense of wonder and allure creates a unique musical alchemy – with a touch of enchantment that lingers long after the music has ceased.

With four albums and one split-EP released to date, SYLVAINE’s ethereal soundscapes have been taken to stages across Europe, North America and South America, leaving audiences mesmerized by the transcendent power of the band’s live performances.

Two of these albums have been nominated for the Norwegian Grammy awards Spellemannprisen in the category of metal. The ability to transport listeners to otherworldly realm through her music is a manifestation of the artistry & profound impact the band can bring.

As SYLVAINE prepares to unveil her upcoming EP, ‘Eg Er Framand’, she embarks on a deeply introspective and serene journey through the rich tapestry of Norwegian heritage and tradition. Folk tales of old are brought to life in this new chapter of her musical odyssey, offering a glimpse into the depths of her creative spirit and an exploration of the roots that anchor her artistry. A reflection of myths is embraced through exquisite sonic realms.



Tour Dates:

30.03.24 – Culthe Fest – Münster, DE

31.03.24 – Dark Easter Metal Meeting – Munich, DE

18.04.24 – SOLO show, Death Disco, Athens, GR

11.05.24 – Dark Troll Festival – Schweinsburg Bornstedt, DE

10.08.24 – Rock The Park – Uppsala, SE

SOLO tour supporting Eivør

02.10.24 – Markthalle – Hamburg, DE

03.10.24 – TivoliVredenburg – Utrecht, NE

04.10.24 – Ancienne Belgique – Brussels, BE

05.10.24 – Live Music Hall – Cologne, DE

07.10.24 – Electric Ballroom – London, DE

09.10.24 – Opium – Dublin, IRE

10.10.24 – The Garage – Glasgow, UK

11.10.24 – Club Academy – Manchester, UK

12.10.24 – Thekla – Bristol, UK

13.10.24 – Le Trianon – Paris, FR

15.10.24 – CCO – Lyon, FR

16.10.24 – Konzerthaus Schüür – Lucerne, CH

17.10.24 – Szene – Vienna, AT

19.10.24 – Progresja – Warsaw, PL

21.10.24 – Metropol – Berlin, DE

22.10.24 – Train – Aarhus, DK

23.10.24 – Store Vega – Copenhagen, DK

24.10.24 – Pustervik – Gothenburg, SE

25.10.24 – Rockefeller – Oslo, NO

26.19.24 – Kägelbanan – Stockholm, SE

Sylvaine Returns To The Past With "Eg Er Framand" [REVIEW] 1