The group originally started when Spider moved to Chicago from Colorado in the year 1985. Spider worked with a friend who decided that since Spider was a drummer and he was a guitar player that they should form a party band. Spider’s brother Chip was a bass guitar player and that’s when Spider originated the band. Spiders pyro experience came from the from the early KISS years and working with Motley Crue’s pyro crew. The band decided that since no one was doing this on a club level, that it would be a good gimmick to fill the clubs with a good hard rock band and accent it with explosives and roaring fire. The original line up lasted until 1996 when several key members had to leave for personal reasons. The only part that was left over was the lead vocal spot and the drum spot. It only took three days to replace the lead guitarist, bass and rhythm positions and took about a year to complete the set list of the songs Tag’em now knows and plays. They still stand in front of every band that plays in the local clubs due to years of experience, and the on going pyrotechnic stage show that really packs a wallop for only a 5 to 6 dollar cover charge. The only thing that can change at any moment would be the lead guitar spot because if Jimmy’s other band “Drop” gets signed they will have to work around his schedule. The band thanks all of those who supported them, from the clubs, the fans, and most of all the countless people who help make this show actually work for little or no pay at all!!!

Photos © 2000 by: Dennis M. Kelly


Chris “Thrasher” Ostrega
Jimmy Haboush
Greg Watson