REVIEW: Skinny Puppy – Weapon Widgets Review: Skinny Puppy ‘Weapon’ Metropolis Records Release date: May 28, 2013 By: Dennis M. Kelly I have been a huge fan of Skinny Puppy since the 1988 album VIVISectVI and while the album did not win me over immediately, continual listens of theContinue Reading

Metropolis Records By: Dennis M. Kelly OhGr does it again! The man, Ogre and Mark Walk, just cannot be stopped when it comes to creating fresh sound scapes that are capable of filling the lush, extravagant and deeply twisted walls of insanity. An electronic symphony of psychotic sounds surrounding yourContinue Reading

Silence Breaks Records By: Stephanie J Brehm Hey Chicago, after much anticipation spring is finally here! As we embrace this refreshing change in season, The Shivers undoubtedly aid our much needed transition. The band announced that May 10th, via Silence Breaks Records, is the date of release for their newContinue Reading

(Righteous Babe) Ani DiFranco has always been what you might call the ultimate solo artist. She not only writes and sings her own material, she has always put out her own albums, produced them herself, and turned them into a success story large enough to become the poster girl forContinue Reading