By: Cara Carriveau Mike Pinder was the original founding member of one of the most influential rock bands, The Moody Blues. We talk about everything from music to UFO’s to his unique way of helping up & coming musicians on his website,

Pink Interview May 14th, 2009 By: Cara Carriveau P!nk has never been afraid to speak her mind, bare her soul, and share her deepest feelings in her songs. As she casually confers, “I have no choice. It’s what I do.” Indeed, it is what P!nk does. And, her 23 millionContinue Reading

By: Cara Carriveau February, 2009 Randy Jackson Bio From the liner notes of the 1998 release “The Best of Zebra In Black and White” by Colin J. Hulin I remember walking into an old school gym and hearing a barrage of wonderful sound… it was tight, lush, rocking, and loud.Continue Reading

By: Cara Carriveau Plain White T’s Biography As the Plain White T’s learned over the last two years, there’s something unreal about success. One minute you’re sweating your ass off on stage in some dive. The next, your song is 1 and your CD has sold more than a million albums worldwide. OneContinue Reading

Cara Carriveau talks with David Draiman of Disturbed about the tour, his vocals and gets some great advice for bands. Listen to the interview here!

By: Cara Carriveau O.A.R. Biography Sometimes the road already traveled can provide vistas never before seen. One would think after more than a decade of crossing this country’s highways, the last thing O.A.R. co-founder and lyricist Marc Roberge would want is more time on the blacktop. But as he prepared to record the band’s sixthContinue Reading