Hobbyist is an outsider rock n roll duo from Chicago, IL who sing songs about people over pre computer beat machines and guitars and amps . Suicide meets Jim Croce. Hissing of summer lawns on a steady diet of nothing. Elevator music to the gallows.Continue Reading

Electric Stove performing live

Chicago Prog Rock. The brain child of Steve Knapp, it’s a one-man, visual and musical show that mixes old school prog and hard rock with sounds of today all through layers of loops. Electric Stove’s debut album “Hail, Starfighter” is out now wherever you get your music.Continue Reading

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The Music employs a fiery mix of gritty hard Southern Rock that invokes names like Blackstone Cherry, Jackyl, Buckcherry & Texas Hippie Coalition. Rachels Bully are committed to crafting a unique raucous brand of music that’s born of both life experience and a respect for our Rock ‘N’ Roll forefathers.Continue Reading


R2JBros – We are an independent band that mixes rock, hard rock, blues and metal influences in our music (sometimes also other genres, like jazz). Our music heavily relies on guitars.Continue Reading

Combining fiery guitars, sweeping violins, and a bombastic rhythm foundation, Shiver crafts a sonically potent sound. Shiver creates powerfully written rock and roll songs with unique instrumentation.Continue Reading