Metaphysical is the fourth album for Arizona rockers, The Technicolors.  This is my introduction to the band, and it’s a great one.  The band is Brennan Smiley (vocals, guitar), Troy Lowney (Keys), Mike “Nico” Nicolette (Bass), and Sean Silverman (Guitar, Vocals).

Yes, these guys sound like the Brit Pop Rock invasion they are obviously inspired by, but there’s something else hiding out here.   These are not quiet songs, but there is a quiet beauty to each of them.  “Neon Roses” opens the album and sets the tone with memorable lyrics like:

So lay your head right next to my mind

Dream me in and out of your crimes


Cause we’ll never see this place again


Smiley sings “It’s a thrill slow shot reaction” and that could be a good description of your reaction to the album.  It’s a thrill that first time through, but it’s gonna be slowly building in your brain till you find yourself singing “Lilies for Lily” or “Congratulations, You’re a Doll” in the shower – or my personal favorite – while walking down a crowded sidewalk so everyone around you gets a taste of the music (or while standing in the center aisle of the EL).

Ninth track “Sweat” is the first to really slow down a bit.  It’s got a haunting ethereal sound, but you can still dance to it.

The Technicolors conjure up all kinds of comparisons ranging from Coldplay, Snow Patrol, and maybe even a bit of U2.  But while there are plenty of imitators to the above bands, few of them find their own greatness in quite the way The Technicolors seem to have done.  They seem to have captured much about what we love about that Euro rock sound and little of what we might not like about it.  The songs here are plenty introspective, but do not devolve into excessive navel gazing.  The song writing is top notch.  The band comes together and forms a sound that stays with you long after the last song fades out.

Album closer/title track “Metaphysical” has a driving beat that closes the album off perfectly.

I suppose your memories are marigolds

And I’m the one or the only one

who has to know


These are songs with power and beauty.  If the Technicolors haven’t fully caught fire yet, Metaphysical could and should be the album that makes you remember their name.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I must go back and listen to the first three Technicolors albums to see what I’ve been missing.