Tempalay (Tenparei)

Activities in Tokyo and Saitama Ohara Aiyat (Ohara, Lyoto / Gt & Vo) Yuya Takeuchi (Takeuchi, Yuya / Ba & Syn) Natsuki Fujimoto (Fujimoto, Natsuki / Dr)

Three-piece band by.

And in just one year from the formation
appeared in the apple music festival large outdoor festivals such as.

Sold out in the blink of an eye is limited debut EP “Instant Hawaii” which was released in September 2015, it is not exhausted always topics such as home shake invited the sold-out performances of guitarist of the original Mac DeMarco to the release party.

Shisai Pops of Gokuirodori feel somewhere nostalgia in unique weakness the lo-fi sound to feel the impact of the West Coast and overseas indie scene of Canada gather conspicuously attention Among the Indy scene.

They released their 1st album “from JAPAN” in January 2016. In addition the United States of appearance is determined to a large festival SXSW2016 to be carried out in March!


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Official: http://tempalay.com/
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