Chicago Music Guide is excited to announce that The Evening Attraction will be releasing a new album entitled “The End, Again” on March 3rd, with the digital release taking place one day prior. The album will have its vinyl release via Classic Waxxx Records, and it will be the band’s first time releasing 12” vinyl LPs. “The End, Again” was recorded and mixed at Treehouse Records with the engineering work of Barrett Guzaldo.

As an entity, “The End, Again” further cements The Evening Attraction’s knack for creating work that is equally skillful and enjoyable. The nine tracks on the album vary delightfully in style, feeling, and influence, but are united in the simple fact that they are all -without a shade of doubt- undeniably impressive. A large aspect of this impressiveness stems from the album’s overarching conceptual intelligence. “Leaders” and “officials” often serve as players in whichever dark performance may be taking place on the world’s stage at any given point in time, inciting a cyclical sense of societal panic. The Evening Attraction has harnessed this idea and masterfully used it to inform what is a truly exceptional album.

The album’s opening track, “End Of The World, Again” perfectly exemplifies this. Musically, the  beginning of the song is effortlessly infectious and bathed in an intoxicating sense of effervescence. This is paired in intriguing juxtaposition with reflective, pragmatic lyrics. The merging of these contrasting elements commands the attention of the ear and the mind alike, revealing the high degree of craftsmanship that The Evening Attraction has proven themselves to be consistently capable of producing. Halfway through, the bright musical buoyancy is shed and seamlessly evolves into a beautifully dark melodia. The tonal change is subsequently accompanied by lyrics that are perhaps the best commentary on the state of modern times to ever come to fruition. A multi-elemental approach is hard to tackle, but The Evening Attraction was able to do so with a notable air of proficiency.

Akin to “End Of The World, Again”, each track on the album is clearly creatively composed. An impressive myriad of influences and styles are detectable throughout, making this record easily classifiable as a work of innovation in its truest form. Elements of grit, dreaminess, edge, and pure artistic sophistication are combined and stirred into a delectable rock ‘n’ roll cocktail that will have listeners coming back for round after round. The stylistic variety makes it apparent that The Evening Attraction is unafraid to explore the full breadth of sonic creativity, making “The End, Again” a work that is both transcendent and trailblazing.

Better yet, “The End, Again” highlights one of The Evening Attraction’s strongest skills: they are able to consistently excel. The innovation and individuality they pour into their work launches them into a league of their own, and this album further indicates the stratospheric heights the band harbors the tools to reach – and they’ll absolutely do it.

Miles Malin, Paul Ansani, Joey Abaroa, and Nick Tumminello have already achieved at a young age what many musicians work their whole lives towards: establishing a clear, wholly unique artistic identity and a body of work that is euphonious and rich in diversity.

The Evening Attraction will be performing at The Empty Bottle on the album’s release date (March 3rd), along with fellow local bands Lucille Furs and Rookie. In the meantime, click here to pre-order “The End, Again,” or here to visit the band’s website which has links to the pre-orders as well.

Mark your calendars, for it can be said with full confidence that this is an album you’ll want to get your hands on immediately.