The Importance of Being a Cover band

In the music scene, there is occasionally a sense of elitism. Many bands look down at cover bands, thinking they aren’t legitimate or talented. What many people seem to forget is the importance of covering songs.

When we grow up listening to music, we find certain songs that resonate with us for one reason or another. Whether you were playing air guitar to the music or singing along in the shower, there is element in these songs that simply work.

Covering other artist’s songs is something that plenty of kids seemingly try to avoid. For me, playing covers once seemed like an obstacle in the way of writing original songs. It wasn’t until my bandmates and I decided to play covers live that I put effort forth and practiced covers.

However, when my band decided to write originals, finding a specific sound became so much more easy. Sometimes, it’s rather hard to identify the key successful factors of a song. To really understand the song and how it manages to succeed, you need to play the song for yourself.

Covering a song is essential to finding your unique sound. When you fully understand a song and its mechanics, you are able to pick apart little pieces that you love. Doing this process for some of your favorite songs allows you to bring your favorite aspects together, creating something entirely different. By mastering other artist’s work, you are actually discovering your own creative voice.

It’s easy to want to move past playing covers. Yet, there are reasons why certain songs go down in infamy. Dissecting famous or renowned songs and approaching them from a critical, or scholarly standpoint, allows for wiser musicianship. The art of covering another’s song is a skill that each and every last musician should master in their career.

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