The Sweet Serenades – Runaway

About the song
“Runaway” is inspired by endless skies and new beginnings – a road trip tune. Arena Indie with big emotions. An obvious song-song with classic elements: a driving beat, a catchy melody and a strong ”it’s you and me against the world”-vibe. The Sweet Serenades have released this kind of song before and will gladly release it again. A song about passion and longing for the open road. The track is written in Berlin and recorded in Stockholm with producer Johannes Berglund (Fever Ray, Shout Out Louds). The lyrics were written on Martins (singer) friend Ralfs couch in Örnsberg the night before they recorded the vocals. But it might as well have been written in New Jersey 1984.

”Let’s run away tonight
Waiting on your call
Let’s run away tonight
I’m ready to go”

Biography: Swedish ex-duo (now a one man-band) that made more than a 100 shows at Swedish prisons before releasing their album debut 2009. The Sweet Serenades was formed 2005 in Stockholm by childhood friends and near-brothers Martin Nordvall and Mathias Näslund. With their album debut “Balcony Cigarettes” (2009) the band established a sound based on simple chords, strong melodies and big emotions.

Their songs have travelled around the world thanks to touring, blog buzz and placements in TV-shows such as Grey’s Anatomy and The Fosters. With the following releases HELP ME! (2012), Stand by Me EP (2013) and Animals (2015) The Sweet Serenades have gradually gone from Indie rock with a taste of garage to a more atmospheric and soft sound; Arena-Indie designed for small clubs. Mathias Näslund left the band in 2014 and The Sweet Serenades have since then been a one-man band. Listen to more new singles right here!


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