Don’t let the name fool you, This Pale Fire is a musician that burns bright. One of the most unique voices to rise from the Auckland scene, This Pale Fire, also known as Corban Koschak to his nearest and dearest, has the kind of smoldering voice that turns heads, breaks barriers and breathes emotion.

It’s also one that defies easy definition, with NZ Musician describing his voice as “closest maybe to Dan Smith with some of Thom York’s falsetto brilliance brushed on. This gets you into the neighbourhood rather than an exact address, Corban’s sound is all his own”.

But there is more to This Pale Fire than just a voice. The self-taught singer/songwriter writes his songs, designs the artwork and, to top it all off, plays the guitar. His early love for poetry culminated to writing song after song in his bedroom. It wasn’t until a fellow musician, and close confidant, heard some of these songs and encouraged him to pursue it further that he broke out of those four walls.

In 2017 This Pale Fire entered the studio to immortalize these songs. With the production placed into the capable hands of Levi Patel, a master of ambience and atmospheric sound. His first full length album, Alchemy, is complete and ready for release in November. Alchemy naturally weaves together emotive, heartfelt lyrics with stripped back guitars, delicate strings and pianos.

“Alchemy is a dark and raw look into who I am as an artist. When I approached this album, I wanted to write something personal and honest. Something that left me totally exposed. I’m a fan of Levi Patel, so being able to work with him was a huge honour. We set out to craft an emotional experience and I hope that it resonates with listeners.”

This Pale Fire Alchemy to be released on ToneTonic December 2017.


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