Satanic Sensation: Twin Temple Leaves Chicago Spellbound at God Is Dead Tour

By: Kimberly Kapela

Haunting chants of “Hail Satan” echoed throughout the air and several bloody rituals took place as Twin Temple played at Chicago’s Metro venue to celebrate their God Is Dead tour on Wednesday, March 6. Combining cult aesthetics and a bewitching blend of 60s-inspired rock n’ roll and surf-pop, the LA-based husband and wife duo, Alexandra (vocals) and Zachary (guitar) James who coin themselves as a Satanic Doo-Wop group dedicated their love songs to Lucifer all night long.

Setting the stage for occult revelry, Twin Temple already enchanted the audience before the first song by adorning the stage to look like a communal altar with bloody Baphomet artwork, skulls, roses, bells, and chalices, setting the scene for a dark and mesmerizing performance. The atmosphere was thick in anticipation as attendees, bedecked in black glitter eyeshadow, occult symbols, and Demonia platforms, eagerly awaited the ritualistic spectacle to unfold.

As soon as Twin Temple took the stage, they carried giant daggers, symbols of their dedication to Lucifer and the dark arts. With a sense of ceremony, they blessed the audience while invoking the name of their infernal muse Lucifer before diving into their first song “Sex Magick.” The song takes an unholy turn as Alexandra sings of a romantic tale of devotion and supernatural worship with her lover.

Classic surf-pop and jazz soundscapes pulsated through the venue as the couple played iconic hits such as “I Am A Witch” and “Burn Your Bible,” each chord resonating with a primal energy that seemed to electrify the very air. Alexandra’s haunting vocals soared, weaving a seductive spell that held the audience captive, while Zachary’s guitar work conjured melodies both dazzling and sinister.

Twin Temple unleashed the fourth song of their set with a provocative title that left no room for ambiguity: “Let’s Have A Satanic Orgy.” As Alexandra’s sultry vocals beckoned listeners into the depths of temptation, Zachary’s guitar ignited with a fervor that seemed to channel the very fires of hell itself. His electrifying solo pierced the air like a bolt of lightning, casting a spell over the audience. Meanwhile, Alexandra infused the performance with her brand of charm with a frenzy of cheerleader kicks.

In a mesmerizing display of occult allure, Twin Temple played their tantalizing love song “Lucifer, My Love.” Alexandra brought a heightened sensual energy to the atmosphere, drawing the crowd into a realm where darkness and desire interlace. With each sultry note that escapes her lips, Alexandra confesses that she’s a fool in love with Lucifer and speaks of a forbidden passion and devotion, delivering a potent blend of romance and reverence. Accompanying Alexandra’s captivating vocals was Zachary’s masterful guitar work, which enveloped the audience in a haunting soundscape reminiscent of vintage blues.

Throughout the night, the duo explores issues like social injustice, feminism, and the beauty of independent thought within candlelit tales of Satanic romance and witchcraft. Twin Temple doesn’t drink the blood of virgins or sacrifice animals on the full moon, instead, they make killer music rejecting conformity of any kind, which is heard throughout tracks like “Lucifer, My Love,” “Satan’s a Woman” and “Be a Slut.”

Between sets, Twin Temple bestowed their fans a title fitting of their occult communion – the Demonic Choir. Alexandra encouraged the crowd to join in on their unholy chorus, inviting them to raise their voices in praise, and chants of “Hail Satan” immersed the air, growing louder and more fervent with each repetition.

As the crescendo of occult energy reached its finale, Twin Temple delivered their final act of infernal defiance and launched into their closing song “God Is Dead.” As the final “I’m so happy that God’s dead” was sung, the duo reached for a stack of bibles and began tearing the books apart and sending pages fluttering into the air like confetti.

Throughout the God Is Dead concert, Twin Temple led the crowd through a series of bloody rituals, each one a testament to their unwavering devotion to their dark deity. Yet, beneath the surface of the occult theatrics lay a profound sense of artistry and musicianship, as the duo seamlessly blended elements of retro rock with a contemporary edge.

As the night wore on, the fervor of the crowd reached a fever pitch, their adulation fueling Twin Temple’s infernal performance. And as the final notes faded into the darkness, leaving only the echo of their haunting melodies lingering in the air, it was clear that the Satanic Doo-Wop duo had left an unholy mark on Chicago’s music scene, their spellbinding performance a testament to the power of art to both mesmerize and provoke.

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Photos © 2024 by: Cristian Castillo

Photos © 2024 by: Cristian Castillo