Introducing Violeta Skya and the remix for her debut single ‘Kiss Me’ made by The Innov8ors – producers duo from Miami (Florida).

Multi-lingual, with a diverse cultural background, Violeta Skya, born in Vilnius, Lithuania to Slavic parents, grew up surrounded by many different types of music.

She is known for her talents as a songwriter, topliner and memorable ‘hook’ maker. As a lyricist she emphasises the power of feeling. A story behind lyrics is important for her and she puts a new message in every song.

Emotional, often with a dark and edgy vibe, her songs and her versatile vocals leave audiences in an astonished state.

The Innov8tors are an EDM and Trap duo, located in South Florida. They always kept a large collection of cassettes; cd’s and even some vinyl. It’s no longer just about producing for them, it’s about showcasing their work as an artist by releasing their own singles, songwriting, and doing remixes.

The Innov8tors also have publishing deals with some of the biggest independent publishers, and licensing deals directly with networks such as MTV, A&E, NASCAR, Discovery Network, Fox Sports, PBS and VH1. As The Innov8tors continue to release more music, one of their main priorities is to create more opportunities by spreading their music to newer audiences around the world.