World Music pioneer Sheila Chandra makes her latest book available for free

The musician turned author/artist coach is offering artist wisdom to help people cope with lockdown/shelter-in-place during the COVID-19 crisis.

Dear friends,

These are difficult times for the arts, as I have been conscious of from the beginning of the COVID-19 crisis. When we first locked down here in Britain, I was advised to ‘shield’ i.e. not leave the house until 30th June – not even for exercise or groceries. I am obviously not fit enough to help as a volunteer, but I wanted to offer something to help people, both artists and non-artists alike. Many musicians have been giving live events online. As many of you know, I can no longer sing. But my books are designed to aid and inspire people.

A return to the wisdom of the artist?

What many people have discovered during the first two weeks of lockdown is that they’ve become so conditioned by externally imposed rhythms (e.g. from timetables at school/work) for so long, that they’ve forgotten how to manage their own time from a place of unforced authenticity, when left alone.

It occurred to me that a book I had written, ‘How to Live Like an Artist – wisdom and life lessons from the artist lifestyle’ (which I was too ill to chase a publishing deal for, last year) might be the perfect tool to help – even though it wasn’t specifically written with this crisis in mind. Artists are used to working largely in isolation and managing their own time for months, or even years, on end. We know most of the strategies that help to make it work, so that we keep our sanity. So the advice is pretty timeless.

My latest and as yet unpublished book ‘How to Live Like an Artist’ is available for free

So here it is at No pressure to work through it, but I hope it will benefit and encourage those who have the time and energy to look at it, if they feel it’s what they need at the moment. It will be available to anyone in its entirety as a pdf (no sign up) so long as the COVID-19 lockdown lasts.

Please share the link widely on freebie lists, via social media, or with friends. My only purpose at the moment, is that it gets out there to help people, if they like the sound of it.

Time to dream of the way we want the world to be

This is no time to put pressure on ourselves – we are all in shock, some of us are rightly fearful about work and finances, and in the days to come, many of us will be in mourning. However, the world has, and will be changed by this. And it’s time to imagine a new one. That imagining can only come from a subtle sea change within ourselves. And in the gentlest of ways, that’s what the seven artist lessons in this book teach you create – a sea change, a path back into your own authenticity.

The great thing about putting out any kind of creative work is that you never know where it will end up, or who it might help. So I’m sending this out now, to do whatever good it can. It’s the smallest of gestures, but each of us now has to do whatever we’re good at, in order to serve others.

Take care everyone! Stay safe. Stay well.

Sheila Chandra

Sheila Chandra is a World Music pioneer, artist coach and best-selling non-fiction author. Ffi please visit

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Sheila Chandra Biography:

Sheila Chandra made some of the most beautiful and innovative recordings in the World Music category − beginning with her band Monsoon’s 1982, ground-breaking Asian Fusion, Top Ten hit around the world, ‘Ever So Lonely’ − until voice problems forced her to retire in 2010.

Since then, in an unlikely twist, she’s gone on to become a best-selling author with Banish Clutter Forever (2010) outlining her own system for home organizing, which she says makes it possible to “pretty much, never tidy up again”.

She also began mentoring the (then homeless) street artist Stik in 2008, writing a version of Organizing for Creative People just for him. Stik has gone on to become one of the most famous and collectible street artists in the world. This is an expanded version of her artist advice to him on how to build a strong foundation for his career.



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